Five days in New Orleans


New Orleans, a city gushing with culture and harboring a unique energy definitely worth experiencing. The community has stayed so true to it’s roots you can actually feel the age while wandering the streets and the locals are dedicated to sharing this cultural experience with you.

I have planned five days based on convenience of location and time ranges these activities would work best at to ensure you are taking advantage of every minute in NOLA. Base the days around your particular weather forecast, of course.

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The Last Single Friend



Twenty-eight. An age overwhelmed with engagements and weddings and babies and apparently this desperate idea of ‘now or never’ if it doesn’t look like it’s happening for you in this decade.

I recently celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday with a relationship status of SINGLE.  Mind you, I’ve done this for nine consecutive years. Quite the accomplishment, I know. Even though some may find this alarming, rather than something to be proud of. You must let me explain my perspective; because it’s very easy to fall in love with the wrong person.

I am also officially the LAST single friend. All of  my closest girlfriends are in serious relationships where they are at least living with their significant other. I’ve learned being the last single friend is everything stereotypical you could imagine, especially in your late twenties.

I’m the friend everyone turns up with between relationships. The friend that never sees ‘& guest’ on wedding invites; even when you’re in the bridal party. The friend that has to explain to the newly single friend that running pussy first at every man between relationships isn’t “doing you because you’re SINGLE”. It has nothing to do with being single and everything to do with hoe tendencies, baby girl.

I  always knew this was how my love life would go down too. I felt it when I was like 13. As soon as the grammar school squad was full blown interested in boys, I could sense the hunger and dependence was deeper in some women.

In case anyone is this far in and thinks I’m a hater, I’m honestly not even the single type. Legit faithful to my non-existent boyfriend. I’m not a scorned woman writing this post either. Yes, I fell for the bad boy back in the day buffet (and yes he did completely screw me over) BUT I promise I no longer carry baggage. I just learned the most valuable lesson. Time and energy should not be wasted.

It occurs to me that I can mentally handle the stress that comes with being single and not crack under society’s conforming pressure of a marital status. Even after years of loneliness, I refuse to settle. (That ever so confrontational and offensive word to everyone in a relationship.)

Just because it isn’t happening for me while it’s happening for my girls, doesn’t frighten me into immediately thinking never. They’re on their own journey. I stay hopeful in what’s meant for me will be mine, and it ain’t no fuck boy. So why waste my time?

I’m straight holding myself down. Never bitter, and always acknowledging how real true-love actually is because I am surrounded by so many happy, healthy, balanced relationships. I’m truly thankful for that.

Most of the time, I am happily tagging along as the third or fifth wheel even though family and friends alike wish “I would just find someone already”. I shit you not, this past May, even my gyno made a comment, “still haven’t found that special someone, huh?” whilst performing a pap smear. Dead ass serious. Like, I get it health risks after 35, so on and so on, but really?

Trust me no one can hear the sound of my biological clock any clearer or louder than myself. The best way to describe you know your body is telling you it’s one true instinctual desire is to procreate, is when you catch yourself smelling someone else’s baby.

As a result of my uterine walls aching,  I feel like I subconsciously force myself to date as much as possible even if the vibe is only on one level; just to be on some romantic frequency. Single and totes ready to mingle. Always on the prowl but if I catch one bad vibe, I just can’t pretend. I’m out.

For all these reasons and oh so many more I feel I am a logical and purposeful person to take an opinion on ‘settling’ from. Op! Said it again. Plus I’m a blatantly honest type of person so this should be fun.

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Let’s talk about Trump, baby (2/2): It’s spelled U-N-I-T-E-D.


Now that I’ve discussed the matter that I relate to most, that of the pussy; I think I’ll discuss matters to help keep us snowflakes from abandoning the Trumpers. We are not the DIVIDED states of America. No one is chanting “D.S.A.” at fraternity houses on college campuses all over this beautiful country of ours. Miley didn’t release a total banger about a “Party in the D.S.A.” did she?! I didn’t think so. We have to lock it up as Americans because Trump is still a very sensitive topic if you’re not with like minded individuals.

I’m aware this election has crossed boundaries and reached certain moral limitations further than Republican Idealistics vs. Democratic; but we must first and foremost remember we are all Americans. We’re on the same team, just wearing different colored jerseys during a scrimmage match.

Blue (Snowflakes) -n; person who is overly sensitive, naïve, incapable of dealing with any opinion other than their own.

Red (Trumpers)-n; supporter of trump, racist, sexist, purgers, uneducated

Has any one noticed stereotypes usually stem from something of truth? So if a Trumper is confused as to why the rest of the non-dictatorship countries of the world are rooting for us snowflakes, revert to the list of adjectives that the name Trumper is stemming from. While other high society countries choose to eliminate anything that associates with these adjectives, Trumpers have chosen this man as our LEADER. A man that has displayed and verbalized he is rooted in this “Trump” empire of bigotry.

Well bitches. It’s game day. Shit might get real, real fast. It’s ironic because both sides are offended by the generalizations associated with the jersey they were handed. So why not be happy to put on your U.S.A. jersey again? Then we don’t know who Coach Trumpy forced us to play against and can live as just regular old democrats and republicans.

I don’t mind a difference of opinion. It sparks the thought process and forces an individual to legitimize their argument. I don’t mind a difference in opinion, but I do mind hate. This election wasn’t just about politics for many of us left-leaning, snowflakes. Donald Trump infused the 2016 United States PRESIDENTIAL campaign with fear, hate and blatant disregard for social norms in the 21st Century. That statement should be alarming to any rational thinking human being no matter your “political” viewpoint.

I can’t completely hold all Trumpers responsible for voting the Republican candidate into the oval office. All types of media are to blame for misinforming the masses. I’ll be honest. There were a few parts in the smoke and mirrors charade where I was caught up in the excitement at first; especially the emails and how he targeted issues that resonated with the middle class. After some research, and then ignorant absurdity after ignorant absurdity; I stepped back and saw what was actually happening. A publicity stunt had gone terribly too far and before you know it I’m watching the 2016 Presidential debates  with my mouth wide open. During the second debate, I thought that fly was in my house. Hand to Allah. I was trying to be conscious of keeping my stunned jaw closed until I realized it wasn’t on my screen just making a television debut.

I was astounded Trump made it that far. The fact that he even became the Republican nominee left me with a horrible gut feeling that the unthinkable could possibly happen. Then it did.

Have my social media users noticed the awkwardly specific advertisements? The boots I left in my DSW shopping cart are constantly taunting me on the right thread of my email advertisements or on my Facebook newsfeed. Everything we are doing on the internet and with our smart devices is being monitored and tracked. They are completely in control of what is popping up to be viewed by a specific demographic. Do you think any Trump supporters saw this video during their morning poop scroll.

Here’s another video just in case you couldn’t comprehend that those people are functioning members of society.

The one thing I want more than anything is for you to go to this website, and see an example of what I’m talking about. This proves the level of extreme news filtering, only fueling the flame that is Trumper vs. Snowflake.

This type of half ass editing bull shit didn’t show up once on my feed, because I wouldn’t have shared it. I also just unfollow anyone who is overly and outwardly idolizing a man of a dated idealistic. Once you click on one link you are redirected to page after page of bullshit. I’m literally doing it to you with this blog post.  Welcome to the internet.

misinformedI reviewed quite a few videos  and decided this  CNN video vs this post  help make the argument more relative. This a perfect example of the media outlets manipulating their viewers. Imagine someone who only watches CNN. Now we have a misinformed voter. The 1% owns the news stations, controlling what you think you know, allowing the masses to be brainwashed. Depending what station you favor, you are hearing the information in a completely different context. Both videos create a serious set of emotions inside of you. When something resonates deep within, you  connect to it so, one becomes overly defensive and passionate about it.

Acts of anti-nationalism and anti-Trump propaganda were all over my local news sources. This is not protesting. This is rioting. No one is condoning this bullshit. This is just ignorance and I guarantee those people were part of the 90+MILLION Americans who didn’t even vote. They are just taking advantage of large groups gathering in a quint city, so they can get away with acting like assholes.

Never once did anything come across the television showing the peaceful protestors, such as the protest in L.A. on November 12th . I’m above local media news sources at this point, it is the nauseating equivalent to reality TV garbage. The media has officially chosen ratings over delivering honest information to the masses. I love this article on valid news sources.  Also, I’m aware I’m referencing Facebook clips for my videos, but footage is footage and it’s just easier to link; I’m new to this.

If you’re aware of what’s happening then you can enjoy the asinine people who make a spectacle of themselves on the internet. Here’s a picture that is floating around Facebook that is both brilliant and right-leaning. You know to add a little balance to this post. Balance is necessary.


You, my fellow anti-Trump homie, are what one may refer to as a complete fucking idiot. Even if you didn’t cast your individual vote for Trump, he still is in fact your future president. You really couldn’t think of anything better to get? That’s rough. You know what would be even more brilliant about this post?! If the person with the bunk tattoo didn’t even vote. Also, how much do you love the editor on this photo-shopped magic. “Keep America American”. Again, too good to be true, am I right!? I eat the internet up. So look an irrational snowflake that clearly isn’t well educated or cultured.  The gun and the knife are a bit excessive but it’s fine.

trump-familyAlright one more real quick because this was my favorite meme!! Anyone familiar with the movie Purge Election Year? Tell  me this family photo does not SCREAM Purgers?!  The irony is fantastic! I know it’s kinda not that funny because the movie is extremely fucked up; but I hit the photo in the comments with a coffin emoji because DEAD!!! You see Purgers are the ones that used Trumpers as puppets to have the election go in their money-overflowing-pockets  favor. The extremely wealthy Purgers convinced them they are not tyring to keep the 1% superior and in control.  At the most progressive point in our country’s history, after the first black man’s presidency, we have now elected to set our country back a couple decades with all three branches Republican. I hope I’m wrong.

What scares me is in four years, will we be looking back at horrific events and ask how did it get that bad? Or how could we have let that go on for so long? I pray it doesn’t get that bad, but will Trump voters take responsibility? I’ll be curious to see what happens.



I genuinely have to look at all my Trumpers as being depicted in the image above. Sheep. This is how I can maintain any level of respect for you to vote against your gut, to vote against progression. Progression is equivalent to evolution and evolution is natural. You did something unnatural. You lack the benefits of a seasoned soul, being connected to the intuitive side that urges you to love. You knowingly and willingly ignored the divine in you when you cast your ballot for Donald Trump.

But seriously, I fuck with Trumpers. I legit to this day after a few heated conversations can say I know and love Trumpers. Some of my favorite homies. Snowflakes don’t cut ties with your Trump supporting friends. You need difference of opinion in your life. They are just confused by the smoke and mirrors, putting trust in any and all information they’re fed processing it through an over socialized 2017 mentality.

I know a lot of people that outwardly, and proudly voiced that they voted for Trump. My gut sinks into my asshole at the thought of this, and I am immediately trying to stop myself from thinking less of you. I know you as a person and you are an intelligent, strong, loving individual. One Trumper of mine, is even in an inter-racial relationship. Like literally getting dicked down by a daddy who is slangin’ a big, black cock. I know a real life Trumper who is not a racist! Before you are a Trump supporter, you are my friend, some of you even FAMILY. Yes blood of mine supports a man that makes my skin crawl.

It’s simple yet so hard for a Trumper to swallow. If you SUPPORT the man, you SUPPORT the behavior that means You SUPPORT the words and ideologies. Does that help clarify at all why anyone anti-Trump is scared right now? As an individual that VOTED for Trump you are SUPPORTING Trump and everything he has exemplified.

You pride fully associate with the vote you cast for this candidate, so your snowflake friends are baffled and confused because we know there’s good in your heart; you’re just acting a little sheepish  I guess. Deep down that feeling of right from wrong, that’s the divine in your soul telling you what it resonates with. You ignored your innate gut instinct to do what’s right and you voted against it based on money or border control or whatever the society created reason you felt more attached to than your higher self. It’s just  a rough situation for me to comprehend. Now if your soul resonates with Hitler vibes that’s a little fuckie-uppied and you would also participate in the annual Purge he might start.

All-in-all, if you voted strictly on a political platform I can respect that. I still want you to take the time out of your  day to be kinder and more willing to accept changes that are in a forward direction. Open your mind to all the possibilities in the universe that are granted to us through love.

The next four years, shit might get really real. History has proved things tend to get worse before they get better. This Trump win, may be what we needed to propel our nation into a forward direction. We must turn this wave of hate into a current of knowledge and empathy. Enlightenment happens when a wave realizes it is part of the ocean. You are part of something bigger. Every soul matters. That is why you exist.

Stepping down.

Xxx & O’s… B

Let’s Talk About Trump, baby (1/2): Pussy grabs back.



Today is the day Donald Trump is inaugurated in as the future commander and chief of the United States of America. I’m not gonna lie, my snowflake ass cried multiple times a day  for the first four days, after he became president elect. It wasn’t a matter of “losing” or being bitter that I personally wasn’t celebrating a win for the candidate I felt was better qualified for the position. Nope. I was crying for the citizens of this beautiful country who immediately felt fear in their heart; most for reasons completely out of their control. Reasons that are strictly genetic, or otherwise pre-determined in the womb. I think we can agree that these are not characteristics that determine the quality of character associated with a good human being.

The tireless protesting these past few months has convinced most Trumpers that all who are participating in anti-trump propaganda are reckless democrats who are whining that they didn’t get their way.  That is your shallow minded way of looking at the surface issues with this man as the future president as one of the most globally idolized countries in the world. Trumpers  claim protests are only valid in the sense of “human rights movements” not a “loss”. Silly Trumpers don’t you see?!


What America did during this election showed that in 2016, this country is still failing to succeed in three extremely significant battles that pertain to humans evolving as a cognitive thinking species. Racism, sexism, and education. Everything this man has come to represent is anti-progression, anti-love. Progression and love. Both very significant factors when it comes to basic human rights. This election proved we are not as far along as one holding a smart phone connecting them to the entire world might believe.

I’m white. I’m borderline atheist so I don’t fear the anti-Islam. However. I do have a pussy. As one of the scientifically proven superior of the sexes;  I am still battling my own fears with Donald Trump as the president of the United States of America. What’s to stop a rich, self-entitled man or even a toothless fuck with a fifth grade education, from grabbing my pussy? When my president is bragging about being a predator, how could I possibly believe that I can expect to have zero tolerance for sexual assault in my nation? By looking past this, sexual assault will continue to be bragged about, denied and tolerated. A public figure in one of the most prestigious spotlights should be held to the highest standards of character.

Now before I get any further into the anti-Trump opinions; let’s not get it twisted. I am a proud American. Especially as a woman. I am aware of the freedoms I have in my country. Simple every day tasks female Americans partake in; dressing themselves how they see fit, earning a drivers license, owning a business or property, shit leaving their house unsupervised. All privileges that, as a woman, they wouldn’t have in other countries on this beautiful planet. To better show how heavy this issue is, and how genuine in my statement that “I am a proud American”, here’s a quick example.

It’s pretty well known that Saudi Arabia, along with other countries in the Middle East, have some of the harshest gender based laws in the world.  I figured let’s find a story from another part of the world that treats women as second class citizens, but may not be as brutal. You know, so my fellow snowflakes could stomach it. I typed the words Washington Post, India, and women into this fancy-shmancy, life saving, search engine called Google; and this is a story that came up. Here’s another. Yes, in parts of the world that I guarantee a vast majority of the Trumpers have never been; sexually assaulted females are publicly beaten after it has been brought to a males attention that they are no longer pure.

CRAZY-ASS-SHIT, am I right!?! In 2017 this level of brutality still exists. Savages, with a common idealistic dated back centuries. Then again 42% of women in America thought unwanted advances on their pussy was just “locker room talk”. The U.S. isn’t that far off from chauvinistic mentalities taking over if they’ve already convinced 42% of female citizens in this country that sexual assault isn’t a big deal.

The future leader of an entire nation is glorifying an act of something UNWATNED that could be PENALIZED by death in other parts of the world.

We are constantly told from a very young age, how important it is to view something from a different perspective. Let’s put our selves in someone else’s shoes, shall we? Maybe from a viewpoint outside of the overly sexualized American culture? Perhaps the perspective of tortured soul trapped inside a woman’s body; born to a society that neglects her being, only acknowledging her female form? The viewpoint inside a decaying body that has been raped, beaten and denied basic human rights it’s entire existence; all because of one chromosome pre-determined in the womb. The most devastating, uncontrollable, 50/50 chance that can ever be determined amongst our species, on a rock that existed once without borders. Imagine the heart breaking, devastation from this viewpoint after hearing a pussy grabber has been elected the leader of the free world.

There are still countries looking to America for hope. The idea that a safer, happier life exists based only on a real geographical destination is detrimental as a glimpse of light in places where the darkest sides of humanity are being explored. A tangent part of the Earth, that offers a life uncomprehend-able from their current version of reality.  A fantasy.  A destination worth the life changing pilgrimage to find a society where a young child has a right to an education just by being a citizen, regardless  of the reproductive organs they were dealt.

By sweeping acts of sexual assault under the rug, America is loosing ground in global progression standards, therefore loosing prestige. You must understand this?

How am I (someone who is properly educated on this matter and a PROUD American) supposed to react when my future president is glorifying sexually assaulting woman? Truly. How do you aspect me to react?

Spoiler alert: I gasped in astonishment covering my heart and stomach simultaneously asking, “Did he just say, ‘You can do anything, grab them by the pussy?'”.

If you live under a rock and haven’t seen it, here is the infamous video of Donald Trump being true to self, lacking the privacy benefit of an actual locker room.

The “locker room” talk scenario is also brilliant! So thanks for that Trump campaign. Trump forgot he was mic’d and was saying those things in confidence, IN PRIVATE, and there for the true version of himself was exposed. It is the most beautiful way to prove this argument that he was showing us who he truly is, not as a public figure. LOCKER ROOMS ARE LITERALLY PRIVATE AREAS. It’s too good to be true. I mean seriously. Again, this is why there is so much turmoil within the nation because the snowflakes comprehend that if you support the man, you are literally supporting who he is and what he stands for, period. That’s like saying you’re not racist because you have black co-workers you get along with but then use the word “Nigger” openly at the dinner table. Uhhh, hate to break it to you… but you’re a racist. I’m just keeping it 100. That is behavior associated with racism so you are in fact a racist. Don’t pretend just because you acknowledge it is wrong on a PUBLIC social level, that you do not have these ideologies rooted in your beliefs. Simple as that baby.

To my vagina owning Trumpers; how do you not feel seriously violated at the idea that us, cognitive thinking beings, are being denied the same society created privileges, as other cognitive thinking beings just because of our cunts? (Was that taking it too far? Is “cunt” where we’ll draw the line? It’s okay one of my best friends is Irish; so I can use that as a completely un-relatable excuse as to why I’m comfortable saying the word cunt.)

I, myself, am not uptight. I am not prude. I’m very open in my sexuality. Honestly, I think I talk about cock in my mouth more than any other woman I know. It is not the vocabulary. I repeat, IT IS NOT THE WORD PUSSY, that makes his statement offensive. It is the fact he boastfully claims he grabs woman with out their consent. It’s the idea that a man thinks he can act a certain way because he is rich and powerful. So let’s put him in the most powerful position of our country and see just how interesting shit can get before we say enough, collectively, as a country. You better believe that I don’t give a fuck who you are. If you come at me trying to grab my pussy with out my permission; you are going to catch these hands. This pussy grabs back. Believe that.

Come on my vagina owning Trumpers work with me here. Think of how frustrating it is that you are making light of this. Luckily in our country it is a 50/50 chance that is determining whether you will be paid a lesser amount of money for the same set of job skills. All because of an extra X chromosome rather than a Y. Genetics, how ’bout em?Different level of second class citizenship, I guess, but sexism totally isn’t an issue in the America in 2016 besides that. Just those third world countries, not as far along in progression as us. I would hit you with the smirk emoji, except Word Press doesn’t have that key board.

Even though my country still isn’t setting the global standards bar for human race issues high, it is still further along than most. As a woman privileged enough to have earned a college education, someone who enjoys speaking freely and openly about my beliefs and opinions, and especially for my elevated level of public safety; I am proud to be an American. I feel like I need to include this and right here feels like a good spot:

 Trumper or not, if you served my country know how much gratitude I have towards you. I cherish all of the men and women who fight for my rights and freedoms. Thank you, past and present.

I have a personal pussy grabbing story of my own! Like actual proof of our leader has sparked behavior and ideas that make sexual assault palatable enough to make a joke out of it. Here’s a facebook status that was determined as “comical” by the user. The user has previously slide through my DM so I felt the need to throw shade.


I shit you not some one legitimately posted this on the internet the day after the election. Like you are publically saying you are down with sexual assault? I don’t care if “you’re joking” that shit is offensive because it is ILLEGAL. The most civilized countries have deemed that sexual predators be removed from a functioning society. Even in jail, the place you are damned, sexual predators are the scum of scum. It is commonly known that there is a need to keep these individuals separate from the general population still! For reasons pertaining to the safety of the sexual predators this time, because the OG population finna kill they ass. But yet here we are. Not acknowledging our President as a self professed predator. I’m not even going to get into this list of accusations filled against him while he was running as a presidential candidate. That is too much research to double check and I’m probably loosing you as it is.

Quite frankly, some countries don’t even have plumbing and natives are still shitting in holes dug in the ground. I am very well aware that as a human being, living in the United States allows me to be viewed as privileged. It just sucks that as a pussy-owner I need to put my faith in a pussy-grabber, to lead my country in a forward direction.

Alright here…….U.N.T.I.D.E.D. (2/2)……Click if you’re down to go off on another tangent with me.

I’ll step off my soapbox with this: To my snowflake Americans, please don’t ever forget how good it feels to be on the right side of history. Let’s look at this as an opportunity to be a part of history in the making. There is no need to fear because history does indeed repeat itself. The one thing that always holds true, time and time again…

Love always wins. Love trumps hate.

Xxx&O’s __B